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Why Do I Need A Crown After A Root Canal?

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While many patients may attempt to avoid root canal treatment, this tooth-saving procedure is a positive way for your Albuquerque dentist to save a tooth that has an infection. 

The pain from root canal treatment stems from the symptoms involved with infection. Once the root canal is complete, you can generally count on feeling significantly better following the root canal and wholly healed within about a week.

Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher may recommend a dental crown after root canal treatment. 

Root Canal Therapy Makes Teeth Brittle

When performing root canals, your dentist will eliminate the infection and diseased tissue from the inside to the tooth’s canal, which also includes the nerve fibers and blood vessels, causing the teeth to become brittle and more likely to break or fracture.

dental crown encases the tooth, adding strength by absorbing the force of chewing.

Root Canal Teeth May Look Dark

Because of nerve damage, root canal teeth often have a dark appearance, looking brown or gray against other, brighter looking teeth. For patients, this can cause feelings of self-consciousness. A porcelain dental crown is designed to blend in and match your other teeth. Dr. Essenmacher meticulously designs dental crowns in her Albuquerque dental office to have the same color and shading as adjacent teeth.

Choosing a dental crown on a tooth, especially those that show when you smile, can significantly improve your smile’s uniformity.

Root Canal Therapy and Crowns Prolong Tooth Health

When you have an experienced dentist looking after your oral health, your root canal treatment combined with the protection of a dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth by years or even decades with the proper care.


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