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What Are Some Simple Strategies For Dealing With Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a problem that can make a big difference in how you handle yourself throughout the day. For those struggling with bad breath, it is common to feel embarrassed or self-conscious when interacting with others and speaking in public places. At Essenmacher Family Dental, we understand the challenges of bad breath, so here are some simple steps that can be taken to try and alleviate the condition:

Drink Plenty of Water

Surprisingly, a common cause of bad breath is dehydration. When you do not drink enough water, your body cannot produce sufficient amounts of saliva, which helps clean out your mouth and wash away odor-causing bacteria.

Brush and Floss Frequently

One of the easiest ways to reduce bad breath is to make sure you are brushing and flossing regularly. In addition to being harmful to your teeth and eventually leading to cavities, plaque build-up is notorious for causing bad breath. Flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day will help reduce the effects of plaque.

Keep Your Tongue Clean

While many people know that brushing and flossing will help keep mouth odors at bay, a lesser-known cause of foul breath is bacteria that builds up on the tongue. Using either your toothbrush or a specially-designed tongue scraper, clean your tongue each night before going to bed to help eliminate bad breath.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing gum helps stimulate saliva production in the mouth, which in turn washes away food debris that may cause bad breath. If post-meal odors are a concern, pop in a stick of sugar-free gum after eating. Avoid gum chewing if you suffer from jaw pain or teeth grinding.

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If your bad breath is chronic or persists despite trying all of the strategies above, the condition may be due to something more serious. Call our Northeast Heights, NM office today if you have any questions or to schedule an oral health consultation.