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The American Dental Association agrees with your dentist in Northeast Heights, NM. It is essential to visit your dentist twice yearly for exams. Additionally, twice-yearly teeth cleanings are crucial to long-term oral health.

If you haven’t visited your Northeast Heights, NM dentist in a while, we suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. You want your twice-yearly exams and cleanings—plus many dental insurances turn over at the first of the year, and those benefits are simply lost!

The Importance of Regular Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings

Your routine exam with our dentist in Albuquerque, NM means a comprehensive look at your oral health, including the condition of any restorations and any potential issues that could be costly in the future. Additionally, your dentist looks for oral health changes and screens your mouth for oral cancer.

Periodically, we take x-rays to highlight any hidden dental issues. We use digital x-rays, which emit modest radiation—similar to taking a short walk.

Your routine teeth cleaning finds our hygienist clearing away what your toothbrush and floss leave behind. This process has been shown to reduce your risks for serious dental problems like periodontal disease.

Preventive dentistry is the foundation for your healthy, whiter smile, and we want you to follow best practices always.

A Partnership with Your Albuquerque, NM Dentist

Regular dental exams and teeth cleanings work in tandem with an excellent oral care routine at home. This routine includes brushing your teeth at least two times each day and flossing! If you have specific oral health issues, your dentist may recommend a more customized oral plan for home and a more personalized schedule in our dental office.

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Take advantage of your insurance benefits and optimize your oral health. Schedule your last preventive dental appointment for 2019 today.