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How All-on-4 Gives You A Winning Smile

Our cosmetic dentist has restored multiple smiles in the Northeast Heights area at Essenmacher Family Dental.

When you have missing teeth, you feel uncomfortable at speaking events or social functions. You hide your smile when you laugh. In fact, missing teeth can influence everything from the way you speak to the way you chew your food and the way you feel emotionally. We want to help you move forward with confidence.

All-on-4 Implants for Smile Replacement in Northeast Heights, NM

If you’ve worn dentures, you probably know that they can slip at inopportune moments. The denture that fits perfectly in the early months loosens over time. Soon you find yourself visiting the dentist often for adjustments or applying adhesive regularly.

Your dentures have not changed shape, but your jawbone has. Without the support of teeth, your jawbone shrinks because of bone loss.

All-on-4 helps you enjoy an affixed smile, and you no longer have to worry about slippage or applying adhesive.

Additionally, throughout the All-on-4 process, our dentist will make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable.

How All-on-4 Works

All-on-4 begins with four dental implants strategically implanted across your jaw. Dental implants are small titanium posts that adhere to your jawbone over a period of months.

These small posts are strong enough to support an affixed denture and stop bone loss at the placement site.

Our cosmetic dentist provides affixed dentures that look natural, stay in place, restore your self-esteem and speaking voice, and enhance your dietary choices.

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Our Northeast Heights area patients love our All-on-4 approach to smile restoration. If you’re interested in restoring your smile, contact our Northeast Heights, NM dental office today. The staff at Essenmacher Family Dental is available to answer any questions that you might have.