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Dr. Tuyet-Phi Truong, DMD


Tuyet-Phi Truong, DMD


Dr. Tuyet-Phi Truong earned her Bachelor of Science degree in General Biology at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  After graduation, she put her education on hold to help support her family financially.  At that time, she worked in a few prestigious research facilities where she published over ten scientific articles through her affiliations with The Scripps Research Institute and Stanford University.  After almost a decade of working in research, her interest in dentistry began when she needed an emergency root canal.  The dental care she received brought back memories of when she helped run a free medical clinic in Ensenada, Mexico for two years.  Her experience receiving immediate relief of dental pain reminded her of her initial passions for helping people and developing meaningful patient relationships. She realized that these benefits were not things a research environment could provide.  At that moment, she decided to return to school to fulfill her true purpose.


Dr. Truong obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with an emphasis on Public Health from Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH).  ASDOH’s unique dental curriculum provided experiences at several community clinics in underserved regions of Alaska, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.  After graduating from dental school as a National Health Service Corp Scholar, she worked for several years at a community health clinic in Albuquerque. While there, she gained expertise in root canal treatment, surgical extractions, full and partial dentures, and cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Truong believes strongly in the need for continual improvement, so she focuses on advancing her dental knowledge and skill through high-quality dental educational courses.  Patients have consistently commented on Dr. Truong’s excellent chairside manner, calming demeanor, and gentle touch.  Because of these attributes, she has repeatedly gained trust in patients with severe dental anxiety.


Dr. Truong is blessed with an amazing son named Atlas.  She enjoys painting, reading, cooking, dancing, brewing beer, and recently picked up a passion for bodybuilding and strength training.  She also loves exploring new foods, restaurants, and adventures through what she calls “food vacations.”