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5 Reasons To Avoid Gum Disease

graphic illustration of Gum Disease

If you see pink in the sink when you brush or floss your teeth, the blood you see indicates a common oral infection called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an infection in your gums that puts your smile –and your overall health – at risk. Because of this, we emphasize regular dental exams and dental cleanings in our Albuquerque dental office.

#1 You Could Lose Teeth

If periodontal disease moves into the underlying bone, it can eat away at the very foundation of your smile. Bone loss leads to tooth loss that can quickly leave gaps in your smile and make it difficult to eat and speak properly. Not to mention the impact that tooth loss has on your confidence.

#2 Bad Breath Is Unpleasant

As with any infection, bacteria cause an unmistakable odor that cannot be masked with gum, mints, or rinses. Because bacteria reproduce rapidly, you may find people moving away from you when you speak or yawn.

Regular teeth cleanings help to keep your breath kissable.

#3 Gum Disease Often Reoccurs

Once advanced gum disease, called periodontitis, develops, you are more susceptible to additional infections. We may recommend more frequent dental cleanings in our Northeast Heights dental office to keep your mouth healthy.

#4 Gum Disease Threatens Your Health

Research links gum disease to many systemic conditions that can put your health and your life at risk.

#5 Treating Gum Disease May Be Costly

If we diagnose gum disease in the early stages, our hygiene team and Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher can often reverse the damage, but if it progresses and requires surgery or tooth replacement, the bill can add up fast. 

Preventive dentistry is the best insurance policy to protect your smile. Regular dental exams, dental cleanings, and x-rays will help you keep your smile healthy and comfortable.

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